How to Draw a Face


parameters - define the top, bottom, left, & right with short marks
oval - slowly draw arcs from: top to left ear, left ear to chin,
         chin to right ear, right ear to top of head
bisect - the head: vertically, then horizontally ( eye level )
bisect - horizontally again, the head: between eyes and chin ( tip of nose )
bisect - between tip of nose and chin ( mouth )
nose - draw 3 circles at the tip of the nose
widths - width of the nose = width of an eye = width between the eyes
eyes - 3 eyes across
brows - mark angles, inner eye to brow, outer eye to brow, bridge
hair - outline, then bangs, then fill with gesture lines
ears - from brow to tip of nose
neck - vertically from eyes, slope gently outwards


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