Halloween Candy

If candy is a reward,
the message that is given
encourages obesity and diabetes.


Bags of Halloween candy are so accessible and tempting the whole month of October. Who are you really buying the candy for?  For yourself, and then the children?  Holidays are a time of indulgence and weight gain, that most people typically regret later on.

Here are some alternative treats for these holidays and special occasions:

Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter.
These are also great for parties for children.

If you do not buy any Halloween candy at all, and opt for novelty toys, that will greatly help with your temptations.  You may feel a little disappointed for a short while.  That is better than long term regret.

Here are some ideas from www.Amazon.com 
Just click on the picture to view on Amazon.


Glow In The Dark Bouncing Balls (4 dozen/48 balls)



Mini Beach Inflatable Balls - 25 Count - 5" beach balls


Two Dozen (24) Mini Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Rubber Ducks





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