define DEPRESSION: depression is ANGER turned inwards. ~ Quicksand.

Herbs that heal:  pepper and cayenne pepper help with depression.

The hotness of the cayenne warms the body and improves your circulation.
It speeds up your metabolism and plumps your lips.
However, do not depend on just an herb or spice to help kick depression. 

Here's a few more options that you can use:

Do inner work:
Deal with anger, prayer, therapy, sports, writing, take medicine.
Transcend from private & personally offended to being public & generic.
Put a positive spin on depression, act upon it, be PASSIONATE
about a cause.

Give a gift. Clean house. Invite people to your home.
Throw a party.

Get SUNSHINE: go outside, water the yard, pull weeds,
go to the mailbox and beyond, take out the garbage, walk the dog,
walk with God, recreation, sports, ENJOY.

Colors & flowers: Yellow umbrella, daffodils for rainy winters
Colors & flowers:  Red umbrella, tulips for rain in the spring
Colors & clothing: wear a bright color on a gray day.

Notice and re-direct negative trains of thought,
disempowering beliefs & negative emotions.
Get outside of yourself, help someone,
martial arts.
Listen to healing music. FORGIVE yourself and others.
Smile, even though your heart is breaking.
Smile, greet strangers kindly.
Laugh and watch comedy movies.

Aging: Focus on cleaning up and finishing important tasks. CELEBRATE life.

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