GREY - Assertively Confront


G gratitude, appreciation, thank you

R repent, I am sorry

E - emotions

Y yield, listen

If you need to confront someone and want to be assertive,
think GREY.  Rehearse to no one, to an empty chair.
Then with your heart and attitude in the right frame of mind,
communicate with that person.

Say it a little greyer to whomever.

G - What are you grateful about between you and them?
R - What are you sorry about, that you did,
     that they may be ill at ease about, that you want forgiven?
E - Express your emotions, how you feel.
Y - Yield, be considerate, absorb, learn and listen.
     Truly listen to their small voice.
     Tune in, they may not speak with words.
     They do act, and behave in ways you may not like.

The deeper & more honest you become, the richer your relationship will be.


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