Chakra Chart

 Above    Soul, Sky Pt
 Seventh    Crown
 Sixth    Brow
 Fifth    Throat
 Fourth    Heart
 Third    Solar
 Second    Sacral
 First    Root
 Below    Earth Star
The chakras make up the electrical system within your body
It flows up and down your spine.
The medulla is the major transformer.
There are 7 chakras that are 'transformers'.
Two are external to the body.

Below the body, about 18" is the earth star chakra.
The first is life force. It's color is red.
At the tail bone, the root chakra.
Being grounded, feeling secure.  Connect with the earth.
Walk barefoot.
Do Yoga.
Drumming with the drum within your legs and tail bone
activates it more.

The second chakra is sex force.  
It's color is orange.
The Chi energy.
Dance, swivel, hip action.
Bending over, walking, dancing and sex 
improve the condition here.

The third chakra is at the solar plexus.  
It's color is yellow.
Power, intuition, vibes, gut instincts.
Anger, grief and rage can be trapped here.
Also unresolved guilt and blame
are stored here.
Let go of control beyond your influence.
Digest food well.  
Be careful of your intake.

First 3 are of the earth.
Money, sex and power.
The rest are of the heavens.

The fourth is the heart.
It's color is green.
Heart, shoulder and arm problems.
Love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness.
Open the heart with singing.

The fifth chakra is at the throat.
It's color is blue or turquoise.
Speaking your truth
Jaw, teeth, and throat problems
if angry or resentful.
Singing is the best way
to improve the health here.

The sixth chakra is at the 3rd eye, the brow.
It's color is indigo or navy blue.
Brain, eyes, ears, nose
and nervous system.
Be open, see the truth, learn, imagine.

The seventh chakra is at the crown of your head.
It's color is violet.
Energy disorders, depression
Trust and faith
Skin, skeleton and muscles
Let universal light flow into the top of your head.
Conscious breathing
Breathe in Yawn
Breathe out Ahhh.
Above the body is the soul chakra,
about 6" above your head.

Acknowledge and re-own the healing power of 
music and dance.
We need to bring them into
the foreground of our culture.

Ref.  James Jarvis, M.A.
and   Ancient Hawaiian Huna Healing by Belinda Farrell
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