Alzheimer's Disease - Cure


“If your life is worth living, it’s is worth recording.”

- Anthony Robbins


How can surgery, doctors, drugs, vaccines, tests and food

“CURE” Alzheimer’s disease?

The long term root causes are these emotions:

·        rage

·        anger

·        bitterness

·        infuriation

·        demanding care and attention

·        fear

·        paralyzing thoughts

·        controlling others

·        unforgiveness

·        escaping life

This dis-ease needs to be managed

in the domain of self improvement, religion,

the Bible, spirituality and psychology.

Focus needs to be on thoughts, feelings, actions,

relationships, behavior modification,

communication and assertiveness.


Develop a photographic memory.

Ongoing photography of events, people and places,

aids greatly in visual memory recall.

Listen to and sing songs repetitively and consistently for aural memory.

Write your autobiography of the traumas and joys of your life.


ref:  root causes:  “You Can Heal Your Life” book by Louise Hay

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