My Thoughts About Cancer

Consider your relationships, your environment and your attitude.



Does someone close to you irk you?
Is it chronic, cannot get away from, spouse, parent?  
Are you sick and tired of living with someone?



Are you exposed to pollution, smoking, hoarding, dust, overworking, toxic people.

Do you get outside much?



Is your attitude sour, are you depressed, are you forgiving, do you blame others?

Do you blow your top easily, are you quick to anger?



Do you eat cabbage, broccoli – leafy greens, veggies

Do you take vitamin C and vitamin D?



Do you rush most of the day?  Do you pack in tasks?
Are you exhausted in the evening?



Do you let fear, other people’s opinions drown out your own common sense?
Do you think being told you have cancer is a death sentence?



Are you totally obedient/loyal to just one doctor – just one method of healing?
Are you curious, are you open to alternative, natural methods of healing?

Would you believe that the scanning device was defective?  Wasn’t cleaned?

Do you want to pay for years of drugs from many symptoms that stem from
becoming sick from chemotherapy and radiation?


Do you know what cancer is?
Do you know what chemo does?   It kills all cells, like a shotgun to the body.



Dr Rath – 2013jun21                            --- lysine & vitamin C

Cancer conspiracy – 2013apr26           --- laetrile, vitamin B-17


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