Throwing Pills at Patients

Bodies heal themselves
given enough time and
under the right conditions.

Relaxing, focusing, soothing,
prayer, meditation, mindfulness,
resolving upsets, confronting, reconciling,
and letting go all aim at the root cause
of areas of pain and chronic dis-ease.

Forgiving is Absolutely Vital.

Western medicine attacks the effects,
just the symptoms, of pain. 
Addressing symptoms is like disconnecting
a warning light on the dashboard of your car.
Not heeding warning signs is denial, dangerous and ineffective.

Doctors are throwing pills at patients.

The third leading cause of death in America
is drug interactions, complications, and side effects
from combining prescription drugs.

When your doctor prescribes you medicine,
you do not have to fill the prescription.
You have the right to decline.

Delay and do diligent research on the internet before
deciding whether to accept chemicals as a solution
to this particular problem.
Stop and think.
Do not spontaneously and blindly accept drugs.

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