Google Earth and Earth's Satellites

20 satellites are in space tracking earth, eyes in the sky,
looking down at earth from space.
These satellites are totally amazing.
One has mapped the topography of the ocean floor
to an accuracy of a quarter of an inch.
One can "see" a man lighting a cigarette.
They have constant vigilance over the climate
and global warming.

Visit and search on 2013jun05 - 20 pages
to learn about our fascinating living planet. Topics include:
satellites, notes, thunder clouds, Antarctica, brine, ocean currents, hurricanes, fires, wildfires, atmosphere, climate, lightning, photosynthesis, plankton bloom, the sun, magnetosphere, oxygen, nitrate, Sahara Desert, Amazon, earthquakes, volcanoes

Visit anywhere in the world with a touch of the fingers,
using Google Earth and a touch screen device.
Spin that planet around.  Zoom!  Swoop!
Like a bird, like a plane, like super people!
Google Earth on a touch screen is totally awesome!
Over 50,000,000 people have downloaded it.

I can fly like as if I am in a plane.  I can tour the sights of the world.
Play with that earth ball.  Play time for adults.
This is the best '"game" app yet!
Thank you Google, PBS, U.S. Navy and NASA!



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