What is My Concept of God?

What is my concept of God?          God is Space.

What is Space?

Amazon - Fabric of the Cosmos - by Brian Greene    




Invisible man (who I pray to, rehearsal, God is nobody)

                  (nobody loves me, God loves me)

                  (nobody cares, God cares – God is nobody)

Role playing (pretend you are dialoguing with someone)

In my body  (Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, temple of God)

NOVA – What is Space? (personal - touching everyone, everywhere)


Empire State building - remove the space –
it would be the size of a grain of rice 100s of millions of pounds!

Home (God is the space inside each and every room)

Inside body (God dwells in my body as the Holy Spirit)

Atmosphere of earth (God surrounds all of earth, includes all people)   

Outer space (God is dark matter, universe, multi-verses)

Vent while I am in bed (I talk to the air supply vent above my bed)

Fresh air (I breathe in God, fresh air)

Deep breathing (I activate the Holy Ghost in me with deep breathing)

God is always with you (God is space, space is always right here)

Outside (I go outside to connect with God’s creations)

Weather, wind (God speaks to me by moving the air, weather, wind)

dark matter (God is of the Quantum world, the God Particle)
God is air  (space is air)

Spirit is breathing (a definition of spirit is breath)

Adam – God – life  (God breathed into Adam’s nostrils, and gave him life)

The earth is alive, Land? Fire?           

Animals, plants, humans (God loves all animals, all plants and all humans)

(space allows freedom of movement, God forgives)

The universe is alive.         

This is just my own opinion until I change my mind.



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